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  • WSR 536 - Metal Fury

    WSR 536

    Metal Fury
    A wild ride of explosive, angry metal, thrash rock and hard rock for action, extreme sports and drama with massive guitars and thunderous drums.
  • WSR 537 - Tales from the Middle East

    WSR 537

    Tales from the Middle East
    Contemporary world grooves with a vast array of traditional Middle Eastern and North African instruments for adventure, espionage, travel, mystery, drama, seduction and panoramas.
  • WSR 538 - Big and Little

    WSR 538

    Big and Little
    Quirky, eclectic, sneaky and whimsical themes for dramedy, comedy, cartoons and tongue in cheek situations. Performed by strings, marimbas, piano, bassoon, clarinet, vibraphones, bass, tuba, bells and percussion.
  • WSR 539 - A Child's World

    WSR 539

    A Child's World
    Carefree, whimsical, quirky, innocent, magical, adventurous, curious, fun and playful themes for children in orchestral, acoustic and electronic arrangements.
  • WSR 540 - Latin Flavors

    WSR 540

    Latin Flavors
    A diverse collection of well performed traditional and contemporary Latin music with piano, brass, bass and percussion. Includes Salsa, Samba, Rhumba, Ballad, Tango and Pop. Romantic, exciting, smooth, passionate, spicy, senuous and cheerful!
  • WSR 541 - Elegant Downtempo

    WSR 541

    Elegant Downtempo
    Elegant downtempo, trip hop, electronica, lo fi and world beats for drama, suspense, seduction, investigation, inspiration and mystery with keyboards, marimbas, vibraphone, flute, violin, horn, voices and percussion.
  • WSR 5342- Corporate Confidence

    WSR 542

    Corporate Confidence
    An essential selection of positive, uplifting, heartwarming, inspiring and anthemic themes for industry, finance, business and corporate confidence. Features piano, strings, keyboards, bells, brass, bass and percussion.
  • WSR 543 - Extreme Rock Sports

    WSR 543

    Extreme Rock Sports
    Intense, high octane hard rock, classic rock, nu metal, electro metal and speed metal with massive guitars and thunderous drums for action, danger, triumph and extreme sports.

Links to our Earlier Album Releases...

  • WSR 524 - Mystery and Romance

    WSR 524

    Mystery and Romance
    An eclectic collection of minimalist themes for suspense, intrigue and investigation and elegant, cinematic themes for intimacy and romance. Features strings, piano, bells and percussion. Hypnotic and enduring.
  • WSR 525 - Magical Christmas

    WSR 525

    Magical Christmas
    A wide variety of magical, majestic, whimsical, fun and cheerful Christmas themes performed by orchestra with percussion and sleigh bells.
  • WSR 527 - Warm & Whimsical

    WSR 527

    Warm & Whimsical
    Warm, whimsical, quirky and carefree themes for children, winter holidays and kooky situations. Features keyboards, bells, strings, percussion and handclaps.
  • WSR 528 - Casual Conversation

    WSR 528

    Casual Conversation
    Smooth, sophisticated and warmhearted easy listening, adult contemporary, acoustic pop and urban groove with acoustic guitars, electric guitars and keyboards for leisure, optimism and casual conversation.
  • WSR 529 - Enchanted  Tales

    WSR 529

    Enchanted Tales
    Cinematic themes for adventure, fairy tales, fantasy, magic, sorcery, light drama and children featuring orchestra with bells, piano, voice and percussion.
  • WSR 530 - Trailers - Sonic Assault

    WSR 530

    Trailers - Sonic Assault
    Blockbuster, hard hitting trailers for action, adventure, suspense, horror, thrillers and science fiction performed by orchestra with keyboards and massive percussion. A sonic assault!
  • WSR 531 - Cool Jazz

    WSR 531

    Cool Jazz
    A diverse collection of cool, sophisticated, melancholy and romantic jazz performed by small combos with bass, piano, saxophone, trumpet, flute, guitar and percussion.
  • WSR 532 - Bio Tech Solutions

    WSR 532

    Bio Tech Solutions
    Warm, energetic and intelligent electronic themes for bio technology, science and information with keyboards and percussion.
  • WSR

    WSR 533

    Blues Fusion
    Cool, smooth and confident blues funk and blues jazz fusion with guitar, keyboards, horn, saxophone and drums for sophistication, seduction and urban settings.
  • WSR 534 - Enterprise Culture

    WSR 534

    Enterprise Culture
    Electronic and electro orchestral themes for business, technology, automation, teamwork, corporate achievement, competition, corporate intrigue and current affairs. Welcome to Enterprise Culture!
  • WSR

    WSR 535

    Thunder Drums
    Thunderous drums with driving percussion for action, sports, battle, chase, suspense, tribal ceremony and blockbuster trailers. Call down the thunder drums!