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All sound effects provided by Sound Ideas the world's leading publisher of sound effects.

What Are Sound Effects?

Since we offer Sound Ideas sound effects for sale here at Westar Music, we decided to ask them to define the term "sound effects" for us. At Sound Ideas, they produce different types of sound fx that make up the Sound Ideas Sound Effects Library. The different types include; foley sound effects, isolated sound effects, background ambiences and special fx.

Foley sound effects are named after Jack Foley. The effects mimic everyday and unusual sounds – and are used to replace pre-recorded audio in films and motion pictures. Foley sound effects include the barely audible sounds that happen when actors touch or handle objects - like the rustle of clothing or picking up a beer bottle. If there was no Foley sound replacement, you would not hear the footsteps in a TV show – this kind of sound is added to a soundtrack in post-production.

Isolated sound effects include the sounds of everyday items like dog barks, sawing wood and door bell chimes. Gun fire, zippers, sirens and car tires screeching during a car chase would be other examples of isolated sounds.

Background ambience tracks provide a sense of the place that a production is located in. Ambience tracks help the audience feel that the action is truly taking place at that location, whether it is a shopping mall, a village in Uganda, a dense rainforest or during that competitive hockey game.

Special fx include many sounds that are created for places and objects that may only exist in the imagination. You would probably use special fx in fantasy, science fiction, or cartoon productions to stand in for the sound of an underwater dream creature, a gigantic space laser or a death defying leap into a teacup full of water.