Looking for Even More Value in Your Hassle Free License?

If you need lots of music or if your budget is limited, our online Subscriptions are designed to give you great value for your Westar Music Hassle Free Music License investment.

Purchase a Subscription below and one and a half times the value of your payment will be deposited as a credit on your account.

Here Are the Subscriptions Available at

$199 Subscription
$300 License Value 199.00 USD Buy
$399 Subscription
$699 License Value 399.00 USD Buy
$599 Subscription
$1199 License Value 599.00 USD Buy
$999 Subscription
$2250 License Value 999.00 USD Buy
$1499 Subscription
$3750 License Value 1,499.00 USD Buy

And Here Is How Our Subscriptions Work:

Once your subscription payment has been received (this should take only a few minutes), the subscription value will be established on your account.

To confirm that your subscription credit is available for you to use, make sure that you are logged in to your account and go to your Personal Page. A link to your Personal Page can always be found under your email address in the top navigation bar on any page of the site. At the top of your Personal Page are a number of text links - one of them says "Remaining Credits". Click on the "Remaining Credits" link and you should see your subscription credit listed.

Each time you place an item in your Shopping Cart and click the button to enter the Checkout, the remaining value of your subscription credit will be used to pay for the music, production elements or sound effects license that you are purchasing. You can keep track of how much of your subscription credit remains by checking the "Remaining Credits" section of your Personal Page.

Your subscription credit will never have an expiry date. If you have a promotional discount placed on your account along with your subscription, the promotional discount code will be used first to reduce the value of your purchases. If the value of your license purchase exceeds the value of your promotional code, then a portion of your subscription credit will be used against your license purchase.

If you do not use all of your subscription credit during your next transaction, the remaining amount will be kept in your "Remaining Credits" listing, ready to be used against your next license purchase.