Rock Guitar Music for Action, Determination, Emotion and Celebration
Grinding, Treacherous and Untamed Rock Music for Television, Sports and Video Game Pursuits

Aggressive, Dangerous and Daring Rock Tracks for Action, Competition and Pursuit
Action Oriented Indie Rock Themes for the Proud and the Free

Dynamic Rock for TV Action and Extreme Games
A Light and Easy Mix of Softer Rock Styles

Forceful, Urgent and Aggressive Rock-Hop
A Balance of Rousing & Energetic with Heartfelt & Emotional Rock Themes

Guitar Rock for a Youthful TV Audience
Alternative, Technology and Urban Themes of the Current Culture

A Collection of Dappled, Warm and Effervescent Soft Rock Featuring Acoustic Guitar
Harsh and Intense Rock with Relentless Energy

Straight Up and Kickin' Vigorous Guitar Rock
Raw and Defiant Hard Rock Tracks on the Edge

Tough and Untamed - This Gutsy and Driving Collection Really Rocks
A Medley of Free and Funky Rock Themes and Moods

Hard Driving Rock That's Bold and Brash, with Just a Bit of the Blues
Contemporary Rock in a Variety of Styles and Tempos

Hard Driving and Spirited Guitar Rock
Energized and Gutsy American Rock

Guitar Central: A Rock CD with a Wide Range of Guitar Styles
Restless and Expressive Rock Tracks for the Untamed Spirit

Powerful, Muscular and Assertive Guitar Rock