A Mix of Sunny Piano Jazz and Shady Jazz Romance
The Lighter Side of Jazz and Romance.

A Mix of Intricate, Complex and Stylish Jazz for the Piano Combo
Jazz Combo for Romantic, Dramatic and Lighthearted Moods

A Jazzy Mix of Dreamy, Zesty and Dangerous Romantic Cocktails
Piano and Bass form the Backbone of this Light, Romantic Jazz CD

A Fusion of Urban and Upbeat Jazz Styles
Graceful and Flowing Light Jazz for Romance

A Mixed Bag of Dixieland, R & B, Big Band and Funkadelic Jazz
Hip and Sassy Jazz that Hits all the Right Notes

Steam Heat Provided by Cool Jazz
Seductive and Intimate Jazz for Late Nights

Effortless and Refined Jazz and Swing in Contemporary and 1940s Styles
Spontaneous and Sophisticated Jazz Combo Tracks

Urban, Confident Jazz and Rhythm & Blues, with and without Funk