Easy Listening

A Relaxed and Sensitive Musical Tribute to Lasting Love and Heartbreaking Loss
Warm, Unwinding and Poignant Easy Listening Music Played on Effortless Acoustic Guitars

Gentle Piano Compositions Reveal Romantic Musical Stories
Friendly and Casual Easy Listening Music with a Touch of Country Charm and Latin Rhythm

Gentle, Mellow and Romantic Acoustic Pop Rock
Mellow and Intimate Songs for People in Love.

Sincere, Mellow and Romantic Piano & Acoustic Guitar Themes.
Warm, Wistful and Unwinding Easy Listening Piano and Acoustic Guitar for Mellow Moods and Sweet Dreams

Heartfelt Romantic Themes to Underscore Tender Moments
Soft and Relaxing Themes for Laid Back Moments

Positive and Refreshing TV Music and Easy Listening Themes
Warm, Intricate and Soothing Easy Listening Themes Featuring Acoustic Guitar

Reflective and Inclusive Easy Listening Themes for Lovers
A Buoyant Collection of Easy Listening Themes for Motion and Movement

Slide Gently into Jazz with this Polished and Inviting Easy Listening CD
Gentle, Tranquil and Embracing Music

A Selection of Light, Jazzy and Flowing Easy Listening Themes for an Evening Out
Light Jazz for Sparkling Wine and Carefree Encounters

Stylish and Smooth Light Activity and Light Jazz Themes
Sensitive and Expressive Themes for the Contemporary Romantic Drama

Sensuous and Tender Romantic Themes with a Touch of Light Jazz
A Gentle Touch of Travel, Light Jazz and Romance

Positive and Uplifting Easy Listening Themes
A Variety of Quiet Emotions for Easy Listening Featuring Acoustic Guitar