Drama & Film Scores

Dramatic Musical Pursuits Involving Battles, Spies and High Seas Adventures that Put Our Hero in Jeopardy
Adventurous and Suspenseful Orchestrations for Fantastic Stories and Epic Struggles

Sinister and Suspenseful Nightmare and Science Fiction Scores
Dramatic Scores for Blockbuster Horror Films and Late Night Suspense

Action and Adventure in the New World and Exotic Danger in the Ancient World
Dramatic Movie Themes that Tell the Whole Story from Innocence to Evil

Dramatic Scores for Modern Patriots and Fantastic Villains
Film Orchestrations for Fantasy, Discovery, Children and Adventure

Transitional Dramatic Moments for Adventure, Suspense and Romance
A Dramatic Mixture of Solemn, Soaring and Sinister Orchestrated Themes

A Dramatic Exploration of Confidence, Success, Danger and the Unknown
Atmospheres, Fanfares & Ceremonial Movie Music to Inspire Courage

Serious, Reflective & Stirring Dramatic Orchestrations
Dramatic Themes for Tragic & Sentimental Cinematic Moments

Adventurous and Compelling Dramatic Orchestrations
Epic, Romantic and Suspenseful Orchestrated Film Scores

Stirring and Evocative Orchestral Film Scores