This page provides answers to some of your frequently asked questions about this Web site, the products offered by WestarMusic.com, and how to use them.


1.1 What kinds of applications can I use your music, sound effects & production elements in?

All WestarMusic.com audio files can be synchronized for use in a wide variety of audio and audio visual productions. Examples include radio and television broadcasts, commercials, motion picture and video scores and soundtracks, corporate & training presentations, Web sites, computer games, software applications and multimedia. For more information, please see the WestarMusic.com End User License Agreement.

1.2 Is there a license agreement for WestarMusic.com products?

Yes. Please download the WestarMusic.com End User License Agreement as a PDF file for all the details about how you can use our products. When you purchase a license at our Web site, your receipt of our transaction record and/or download of our audio files confirms that you have understood and agreed to all of the End User License Agreement terms.

1.3 Do you have a Privacy Policy here at WestarMusic.com?

Yes. The WestarMusic.com Privacy Policy details how we use your personal information when you use this Web site, and how we ensure that your transactions with us are secure.

1.4 Can I just use a popular piece of music from a commercial CD for my production?

No. In order to use a popular piece of music from the latest charts (or even a golden oldie) in any production, you need to obtain permission from the copyright holder in the form of a synchronization license.

While obtaining a synchronization license for a popular piece of music is quite an expensive proposition, keep in mind that using the music without the proper license in place will leave you open to liability for copyright infringement and other actionable claims under international copyright laws. That can cost you many times more than the original license fees would have cost.

Westar production music is a less expensive alternative to the use of popular or well known music in a production, since it is not necessary to obtain specific permission or pay additional clearance fees for the use of a song that has instant recognition. For more information, please see the What is Hassle Free Music Licensing? page on this Web site.

1.5 If I use a public domain recording from your library, must I still get a license for it?

Yes. Remember that you must obtain a synchronization license from us in order to make use of our recording in your production, regardless of the composer's public domain status.

1.6 Do I have to pay more if I use your music in a TV or radio program or in a computer game?

No. If your broadcast production (on TV, in a film or on stage) makes use of our music, we ask that you send us a cue sheet of the production. For more information, please see our Cue Sheets page.

If you use our music, sound effects or production elements in a computer game, a cue sheet does not have to be submitted.

1.7 When I license your music for use in a TV or radio program or a feature film, do I need to obtain a performance license from SOCAN, ASCAP, BMI or SESAC?

A performance license is obtained by the venue that actually performs the music in public. U.S. copyright law defines a public performance as a performance that occurs at a place open to the public or any place where a substantial number of persons outside of a family and its social acquaintances are gathered. Public venues include broadcasters (TV & radio stations, cable networks, pay per view), theaters, stadiums & arenas, restaurants, bars, malls, hotels, in flight and cruise ship presentations and on-hold telephone systems.

1.8 If I already have a performance license, is a license still required to use your music?

Yes. Performance licenses grant you the right to perform the music in public, but the right to synchronize our music with other audio or visual elements in your production must be granted by Westar Music (the music publisher) through the purchase of a synchronization license at this Web site.

1.9 If I edit my original production to add more music or create a version of the production in another language, do I need to obtain a separate license?

No. Once you purchase a hassle free music license for any Westar Music music track, you may use it in an unlimited number of productions, for an unlimited number of times. No additional fees are required for multiple uses, revisions or the creation of additional productions that use the piece of music that you have licensed from Westar Music, as long as your use(s) of our music comply with the terms and conditions of the WestarMusic.com End User License Agreement.

1.10 Do I have to pay performing rights fees if I use your music?

No. If your broadcast production (on TV, in a film or on stage) makes use of our music, we ask that you send us a cue sheet of the production. There are no additional fees associated with your submission of cue sheets. For more information, please see our Cue Sheets page.

In Canada, there are other blanket performing rights fees administered by SOCAN to different industries for other types of music usage. For more information, please contact your local performing rights society.

1.11 Can I make changes to your music, like adding lyrics, vocals or other instruments?

No. Remember that you are purchasing a synchronization license for use of our music, not the copyright to the music itself. WestarMusic.com retains all copyright in its music. For more information, please see the WestarMusic.com End User License Agreement.

1.12 When I buy a license for a piece of music, a sound effect or a production element, do I have right to use it as many times as I like, and for as long as I like?

Yes. As long as you synchronize our audio within your production, there are no limits to the number of times you may use our music, the number of productions that you create, the number of copies of the production that you make, or where in the world you distribute the production.

1.13 Can I use your music, sound effects or production elements in a production I make for a client? Is my client covered under your license agreement?

Yes. If you make a production for a client, the rights and limitations to WestarMusic.com's synchronized audio content (as outlined in our End User License Agreement) are in effect for the life of the production, and they pass automatically to the end user of the production (your client).

1.14 Do the music, sound effects or production elements that I buy from you belong to me?

No. When you make a purchase at WestarMusic.com, you are purchasing a synchronization license for use of our music, not the copyright to the music itself. WestarMusic.com retains all copyright in its music, sound effects and production elements.

For more information, please see the WestarMusic.com End User License Agreement.


2.1 How do I set up an account at your Web site?

Easy. From any page on the site, click on Register in the ribbon banner just below the top navigation bar. You must have an account registered here at WestarMusic.com in order to purchase licenses and download music from our site.

At the Member Registration page, please read our End User License Agreement and check the box to indicate that you accept all of its terms and conditions. Then check the next box if you would like to receive email notices of our New Releases.

Finally, enter your name, email address, and other contact information in the spaces provided and click on the Send button. You will immediately receive an email to confirm your membership. It will provide you with a username and password to use when entering our Web site as a member.

2.2 How do I change my password?

If you wish to change your password (either immediately after receiving our system-assigned one or later on), follow these easy steps.

Sign in to the WestarMusic.com Web site with your old password and click on the link to your Personal Page from the navigation bar found at the top of each page.

At the top of this page, click on Change Password.

Enter your current (old) password in the first box on the form, followed by your new password. Then confirm the new password in the next box in the form. Make sure that you type exactly the same character sequence in both of the new password fields - note that the password is case sensitive.

A dialog box will appear to tell you that your password has been successfully changed. If you experience any difficulties with this procedure, please contact us.

2.3 I lost my password. What do I do?

Click on Lost Password in the navigation bar found at the top of each page in our site. Enter your email address in the space that is provided, and we will send you an email with a new system-assigned password within minutes. Remember that you need to use the email address that you used when you originally became a member at our site.

Once you have logged in with this new password, you may wish to change your password to something you will easily remember for future use.

2.4 I created an account at your site, but I did not get a confirmation email.

If this happens during business hours (Monday to Friday, 9:00 am EST to 5:30 pm EST), please give us a call at (905) 886-3100 (or toll free in the U.S. and Canada at (866) 463-0100), and we will be happy to assist you right away.

If this happens outside of business hours, please send an email requesting assistance to support@westarmusic.com and we will get you up and running as soon as possible.

2.5 My email address has changed. Can I keep the same WestarMusic.com account with all of my previous order history intact and have it associated with my new email address?

Yes. Contact us by email and we can change the email address that is associated with your already existing account.

2.6 How can I contact Westar Music with a question or my feedback?

Feel free to contact us with your suggestions, comments or feedback by phone, mail or email.

2.7 How do I find the perfect audio track on your site?

We invite you to explore our search engines to locate just the right music tracks or sound effects for your productions. Direct links to these 2 search engines can be found in the ribbon banner just below the top navigation bar on each page.

If you would like additional instructions and tips, please see our How to Search page.

2.8 Do you provide music in broadcast lengths, underscores or different versions?

Yes. Many of our compositions are offered in several different versions or lengths: a full length version, an underscore or rhythm track version (for more subtle use under voiceovers), and a variety of different broadcast lengths (60 seconds, 30 seconds and short stinger tracks - up to 24 seconds).

The broadcast versions are produced to eliminate the need for the user to create his own edits for specific kinds of production applications (like commercial spots). These different versions have different prices.

Our Web site displays which versions of any composition are available to license and the corresponding price for each version is clearly marked.

2.9 Can I search for a specific Westar CD by its CD Number?

Yes. To quickly browse a linked listing of all CDs in the Westar Music Library, use our CD Master List page.

If you know the CD code for a Westar Music CD (either a 5 character code like WCM01 through WCM12, or a 6 character code like WSR101), you can also type it into the keyword entry box in the Music Search interface.

Remember that you need to use the exact code - WCM## or WSR### (without any spaces), in order to get the search result.
Doing this will display tracks from that CD in your search result. If you would like to see all tracks from that CD on one page, simply click on one of the links in the CD Name field of the search results, and that will take you to that CD’s product page.

2.10 Is there a way to sort my Music Search results?

Yes. You can sort the results in this table by clicking on the following column headers at the top of the table: Title, Time, Style, BPM, CD Name, and Price. Clicking on the same column header a second time will reverse the display order of the tracks. If you let your mouse hover on top of any detail in the search results table, the full contents of that field will be displayed.

2.11 Is it possible to save a list of tracks that I might wish to purchase later?

Yes. See the list of tracks displayed on either a CD product page, or in the results of our search engine interface. Just to the right of the Play button on the left side, there is a check box in a column marked Save. Click on this box to make a check mark within it.

To see everything that you have saved, click on the check box that says Show Only My Saved Tracks at the top of either Search Engine interface. The interface will now display just the tracks that you have saved during this or previous visits.

If you wish to remove a track from your Saved list, simply unclick the check box in the Save column.

2.12 Can I download more than 1 wav file format track at a time?

All individual file purchases are available only one at a time, however, if you license a complete CD it will be available to download as a single zip file for 24 hours after we receive payment. If you need to download the complete CD again at a later date, just let us know and we can make the zip file available to you again.

2.13 What audio file formats do you offer?

Our music and sound effects tracks are provided as either 16 bit / 44.1 kHz Broadcast WAV files, or as 320 kbit mp3 files. Your purchase of a license for any track allows you to download all available formats, as many times as you wish.

2.14 Is your site Macintosh, PC & Linux compatible?

Yes. All three of these operating system platforms can access the WestarMusic.com Web site and its content without difficulty.

2.15 How do I purchase a license on your site?

Starting a purchase transaction for a single music track license is simple - make sure that you are logged in to your WestarMusic.com account and click on the Buy button that is next to any individual track listing - either on a product page or in the results table of our Music Search engine.

For a complete set of license purchase and download instructions, please see our How to License page.

2.16 Why do you use PayPal? How do I get a PayPal account?

PayPal is one of the most secure online payment systems and it is probably the most widely recognized online payment system in the world. WestarMusic.com uses the PayPal external billing service in order to ensure the security of your personal information. As a result, we have no access to your credit card number or to other sensitive information.

PayPal offers you the ability to have your purchases charged to your PayPal account, or to your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover). This also lets you make payments in your own currency (as converted by your credit card). Plus, you can feel confident knowing that the PayPal system incorporates additional security and dispute resolution services.

To become a PayPal user, register at their Web site (www.paypal.com), and use their service to store your personal and credit card information. This is a very safe and easy way to protect your personal identity, and it is a completely free service to you.

2.17 How much do you charge for downloads?

Pricing available at this Web site for our licenses is easy to understand:

Westar Music Price Chart.

Our Web site displays which versions of each composition are available and the price of each version's license is clearly marked.

2.18 Can I purchase a subscription to download individual tracks at a discounted price?

Yes. Please see our Subscriptions page for more details.

2.19 Will I get a printed invoice and license when I purchase your music?

Yes. Simply click on the Print Receipt button when the Thank You for your Order transaction record page appears after your license purchase has been completed. You can also visit your Personal Page on the WestarMusic.com Web site to see a stored list of all your purchases for reference at any time.

All purchases made through WestarMusic.com are covered by our End User License Agreement. You can also review our License Agreement online at our End User License Agreement page.

2.20 If the music I have licensed is not suitable, can I return it for a refund?

No. Because the WestarMusic.com Web site offers its users the opportunity to audition each track in its entirety before a purchase is made, all licensing transactions conducted at WestarMusic.com are considered final sales. Please make your license purchasing decisions carefully, because once you have obtained download access to any of our digital tracks, we are unable to cancel your license or issue a refund for your purchase.

2.21 How often is new music added to your Web site?

New music is added to WestarMusic.com throughout the year. You can sign up to receive an email notification whenever new releases are added – sign up now.

2.22 I can't find the music I downloaded on my computer. Can you help?

When you started the download process, a dialog box popped open on your computer screen. If you did not change the settings, the music files should now be on your computer desktop. If they are not there, your computer may be set up to store all downloaded files in a Received Files folder, in your "My Downloads" folder, or it may recognize the audio files as music and place them in a "My Music" folder.

If you still can't find the files in any of these locations, don't worry. All music that you license from WestarMusic.com is available for you to download again as many times as you need to. You can access your previously licensed tracks and download them at any time by going to the Music Search page and clicking on the Show Only My Purchased Tracks button or from the list of purchased tracks provided at your Personal Page.

For more information about downloading music, please see our How to License page.

2.23 My hard drive crashed. Can I download the music again?

Yes. All music that you have already licensed from WestarMusic.com is available for you to download again as many times as you need to. You can access your previously licensed tracks and download them at any time by going to the Music Search page and clicking on the Show Only My Purchased Tracks button or from the list of purchased tracks provided at your Personal Page.

For more information about downloading music, please see our How to License page.

2.24 Can I have a CD shipped to me instead of downloading the music?

If you would prefer to have audio CDs of our music shipped to you, please contact us and speak to one of our Music Consultants.

2.25 How do I get Flash player software?

Flash Player™ software is free – you can download it from the Adobe Web site.

2.26 How do I get Adobe Acrobat Reader software?

Adobe Acrobat Reader™ software is free - download it from the Adobe Web site.

2.27 How can I optimize the display of your Web site on my LCD monitor?

If you are a Windows XP user, there is a good chance that ClearType technology has been turned off by default within your system (it has a default setting of "on" within Windows Vista). If this is the case, you may find that the text in many of our page and section headers looks rather jagged.

To correct this, follow these simple instructions in order to turn ClearType "on":

* Right click on your desktop and choose Properties.
* Go to Appearance and click on Effects (at the bottom right corner of the dialog box)
* Click to check "Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts" and choose ClearType rather than Standard.
* Press OK and the display on your screen should improve considerably.

2.28 Does Westar Music commission music from composers?

Yes we do. If you are a composer, we welcome demo submissions. We ask that you provide your demo in CD Audio format (not wav or MP3), or on DAT tape. Demos should be sent to the attention of:

Brian Nimens
President and CEO
Westar Music
105 West Beaver Creek Road, Suite 4
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Canada L4B 1C6

Telephone: (905) 886-3100

All submissions will be acknowledged.


3.1 What is Hassle Free Music Licensing?

Westar Music is proud to pioneer a new type of production music licensing - the hassle free license. For more information, please see the What is Hassle Free Music Licensing? page on this Web site.

3.2 What is Synchronization?

Synchronization is the term that describes the way in which Westar music tracks can be utilized in productions that you create. A sound can be synchronized with a visual presentation (the sound of a dramatic film score timed to be heard as movie credits roll), or with other audio material such as a voiceover - as in the case of a radio commercial. A music track can be synchronized for use in many media: television, radio, film, multimedia and audio-visual presentations, Web sites, computer games or podcasts. A Westar Music lease includes the synchronization rights required to allow you to use the music in your productions.

The rights to re-sell, re-publish or otherwise distribute Westar Music are not obtained with your acquisition of synchronization rights to our products. When you use our music tracks, they must be synchronized within a multimedia presentation, film, Web site, game, audio-visual production or broadcast.

3.3 What are Synchronization Rights?

With a synchronization license, you gain permission to reproduce the sound recording of a musical composition within an audio-visual media form (like films, TV programs, commercial announcements, music videos, multimedia or other visual presentations). The music is generally synchronized and/or recorded in timed relation with the visual images, graphic design or voiceover.

Westar Music is licensed with specific synchronization rights included, as outlined in our End User License Agreement.

3.4 What are Performing Rights?

The composer and publisher of a piece of music generally reserve the right to receive compensation any time their music is performed in public, hence the term performing rights. Around the world, performance rights societies (like ASCAP and BMI in the United States or SOCAN in Canada), collect public performance revenue from radio and TV stations and networks, movie theatres and other sources. This public performance revenue is divided among the composers and publishers based on "reported use", which is usually submitted via a cue sheet. For more information on this topic, please see our Cue Sheets page. Blank cue sheets (in PDF and MS Word formats) are available for your convenience. Once you have prepared your cue sheets, fax them to us at (905) 886-6800 or email electronic versions to us at info@westarmusic.com.

3.5 What does the term Public Domain mean?

From the time a piece of music is created, it is protected by copyright. Once a piece of music has existed beyond the copyright protection period, that piece of music is considered to be in the Public Domain.

The international laws governing copyright are the Berne Convention and the Universal Copyright Convention. Under the Berne Convention, copyright extends for the life of the composer plus a minimum of 50 years following his or her death. Most of the world's industrial countries have signed the Berne Convention and comply with it - although all countries have their own copyright laws which may extend the copyright period for an additional number of years.

In fact, many countries have extended this copyright term to a period of 70 years following the death of the composer.

If you are intending to use a piece of music that is in the Public Domain, make sure that you check the Copyright Laws in all countries where the production will be used to make sure that your use conforms to the laws of those countries. You will still need to purchase a synchronization license from WestarMusic.com in order to use any of our public domain music in your productions.