Cue Sheets

About Performing Rights:

Your blanket music license for use of the Westar Production Music Library includes synchronization rights, but it does not include performing rights.

This music licensing revenue for composers and publishers is administered by performing rights societies, like ASCAP, BMI, SOCAN and many others around the world. These societies exist for the purpose of collecting public performance revenue from radio and TV stations and networks, movie theatres, and various other sources under international and national copyright protection laws.

A portion of these collected royalties is divided among the composers and publishers who create and distribute the stock music you use in your productions. In order for the composers and publishers to receive this funding, the use of their music is reported by means of a cue sheet to a performing rights society.

When you submit a cue sheet to Westar Music, we ensure that the report is submitted to the appropriate society for tabulation.


There are no additional fees associated with your submission of cue sheets.

When to Submit a Cue Sheet:

Here is a list of the types of productions that should have their music use reported on a cue sheet.

   - Film use
   - Theatrical use
   - Broadcast & Cable Television use, such as:
      - Feature performances
      - Background performances
      - Theme performances
      - Logo performances
      - Infomercial performances
      - Promotional announcements and commercial jingle performances
      - Syndicated and locally originating programs
   - Local Television per program licenses, such as:
      - Films and video productions
      - Syndicated programming
      - Locally originating program broadcasts
      - Incidental and ambient uses of music that have been broadcast

How to Send Cue Sheets to Westar Music:

We welcome your cue sheets when sent directly to us, and we will forward them to the performing rights societies on your behalf. There are two ways to do this:

   - Download our Sample Cue Sheet in PDF format, print it out and complete its details, and fax it to us at (905) 886-6800.
   - Download our Cue Sheet Form in MS Word, complete the form in your word processor, and either fax it to us at (905) 886-6800 or email it to us at

To help you complete the electronic version of our cue sheet:

   - Download this MS Excel file of full CD track & index info - it's easy to use. Just copy & paste the details you need into the electronic cue sheet.
   - To help you complete your cue sheets, view our Sample Completed Cue Sheet.


Your cue sheet must contain complete details of ALL the production music that has been used in your production, regardless of the music's composer or publisher. Performing rights societies will not accept incomplete cue sheets, so if you use music from more than one library or source, please report all of it on the same cue sheet that you send to us. Thank you.


If you need additional information or have specific questions about music licensing and / or cue sheet reporting, feel free to email us - or contact your local Performing Rights Society: