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Here's a complete list of all the CDs in the Westar Production Music Library.

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Title and Description

Sports - Dynamic & Defiant
Dynamic and Demanding Sports Music to Challenge Defiant and Driven Athletes, Heroes and Corporate Moguls
Country - Bluegrass & More
Banjo, Fiddle and Pedal Steel Combine to Make Country Swing, Bluegrass and More
Children - Childhood Capers
Lighthearted and Mischievous Playtime, Naptime and Adventure Time Music for Childhood Capers
Classical - Piano Forte
Soulful, Expressive and Timeless Piano Forte Classical Music
Film Scores - In Jeopardy
Dramatic Musical Pursuits Involving Battles, Spies and High Seas Adventures that Put Our Hero in Jeopardy
Dance - Winner Take All
From the Dance Floor to the Combat Zone, the Universal Rule Is Winner Take All
Rock - Action & Emotion
Rock Guitar Music for Action, Determination, Emotion and Celebration
Corporate - Business Adventures
Successful and Determined Orchestrated Music for Corporate Deals and Business Adventures
World Music - Traditional Chinese
Traditional Chinese Melodies Played on Traditional Chinese Instruments
Easy Listening - Love & Loss
A Relaxed and Sensitive Musical Tribute to Lasting Love and Heartbreaking Loss
Dramedy - Comedic Quests
Drama Plus Comedy in an Orchestrated Mix for Fantasy, Suspense and Comedic Quests
Easy Listening - Effortless Guitars
Warm, Unwinding and Poignant Easy Listening Music Played on Effortless Acoustic Guitars
Country - Hometown Proud
A Contented and Confident Collection of Hometown Country Pride
Jazz - Sunny & Shady
A Mix of Sunny Piano Jazz and Shady Jazz Romance
Easy Listening - Romantic Musical Stories
Gentle Piano Compositions Reveal Romantic Musical Stories
News - Special Report
Broadcast News Music for In Depth Stories and Special Reports
News - Global Vision
Broadcast News Music for Stories with a Global Vision
Easy Listening - Among Friends
Friendly and Casual Easy Listening Music with a Touch of Country Charm and Latin Rhythm
World Fusion - Asian Intrumentals
Asian Music Instrumentals for New Age Mystics and Fantastic Tales of Discovery
New Country - Confident & Mellow
Mellow and Confident New Country Tracks that Anticipate Friendship, Love and Loss
Easy Listening - Acoustic Pop
Gentle, Mellow and Romantic Acoustic Pop
Comedy & Cartoon - Toon Time
Comic Circus and Retro TV Toon Time Trax
Rock - Grinding Pursuits
Grinding, Treacherous and Untamed Rock Music for Television, Sports and Video Game Pursuits
Country - Rural Charm
Fiddles, Banjos and Guitars that Are Full of Rural Charm
Drama Film Scores - Epic Struggles
Adventurous and Suspenseful Orchestrations for Fantastic Stories and Epic Struggles
World Fusion - Asian Influences
Percussive New Age Fusion with Asian influences
Easy Listening - People in Love
Mellow and intimate songs for people in love
Easy Listening - Sincere & Romantic
Sincere, mellow and romantic piano & acoustic guitar themes
Jazz - The Lighter Side
The lighter side of jazz and romance
Drama - Dramatic TV Moods
Brooding and ethereal dramatic TV moods
Jazz - Piano Jazz Combo
A mix of intricate, complex and stylish Jazz for the piano combo
Easy Listening - Sweet Dreams
Warm, wistful and unwinding easy listening piano and acoustic guitar for mellow moods and sweet dreams
Corporate - Winning Strategies
Steadfast and successful corporate, olympic and military themes for winning strategies
Sports - Olympic Overtones
Dynamic celebration of sports with olympic overtones
Drama Film Scores - Sinister & Suspenseful
Sinister and suspenseful nightmare and science fiction scores
Dance - Fresh Urban Beats
Fresh urban, techno, dramatic and club beats
New Age - Inner Peace
Thoughtful and ethereal new age themes in search of inner peace
Old School - Disco Boogie
Disco boogie dancing fever
Rock - Daring & Dangerous
Aggressive, dangerous and daring Rock tracks for action, competition and pursuit
Jazz - Jazz Combo
Jazz Combo for romantic, dramatic and lighthearted moods
Drama Film Scores - Horror & Suspense
Dramatic scores for blockbuster horror films and late night suspense
Children - Kids TV
Brignt and happy kids and tween TV and cartoon rock
Rock - Proud & Free
Action oriented Indie Rock themes for the proud and the free
Percussion - African Drums
Adventurous, dramatic and festive African drums
Drama & Film Scores - Patriots & Villains
Dramatic scores for modern patriots and fantastic villains
Christmas - Acoustic Carols
Mellow acoustic guitar playing traditional holiday favourites
Solo Instrument - Dobro Guitar
Solo dobro guitar playing many moods of the blues
Drama Film Scores - Innocence & Evil
Dramatic movie themes from innocence to evil
Jazz - Romantic Cocktails
A jazzy mix of dreamy, zesty and dangerous romantic cocktails
Comedy & Cartoon - Comic Adventures
Breathless, creepy & dramatic scores for comic adventures
Retro TV - Funky & Cool
Funky and cool blast from the 60s and 70s
Jazz - Piano & Bass
Piano and bass form the backbone of this light, romantic jazz CD
News - World Watch
Comprehensive mix of themes for news, alerts, promos, weather and sports
Dance - Dramatic Pursuit
Dramatic, industrial and intense dance & techno mixes for television
Rock Hop - Dynamic Action
Dynamic rock for TV action and extreme games
Sports - Energetic Sports Rock
A mixed bag of energetic sports rock
Drama - Forensic TV
Forensic TV music for crime scene investigation
New Country - Rockin' & Edgy
Contemporary rockin' new country with an edge
Corporate - Business & Industry
Robust and optimistic themes for business and industry
Old School - The 1980s Way
Dance, rock and pop music the 1980s way
Old School - 1970s Pop
Pop, dance and rock music from the 1970s

Sports - Majestic & Victorious
Majestic and victorious orchestrated Olympic sports music

New Age - Calm & Relaxing
Calm and relaxing music in an ambient style

Retro TV - Cheesy Pop
1960's cheesy retro pop music for TV, film, commercials and promos

Comedy & Cartoon - Quirky & Suspenseful
Humorous, quirky and suspenseful comedy music for broadcast

Retro TV - Funky Breaks
Funky retro breaks for TV, film and commercial applications

Period Jazz - Swing Jazz
Swing jazz from the big band era

Sports - Olympic Spirit
Rousing and dynamic sports themes to inspire the Olympic spirit

Retro Rock - 20th Century Style
Popular rock styles from the 20th century

Retro TV - Kitschy
A kitschy retrospective of music for TV broadcasts

Rhythm & Blues - Funk & Fusion
A strong blend of R & B funk fused with jazz

Latin Pop - Latin Dance & Romance
Expressive Latin dance and sensuous Latin romance

Drama Film Scores - Action & Danger
Action and adventure in the new world and exotic danger in the ancient world

Film Scores - Fantasy & Adventure
Film orchestrations for fantasy, discovery, children and adventure

News - Broadcast News
Themes, openers, bumpers, promos and closers for broadcast news, weather & sports

World Music - Celtic Memories
Dances, lamentations and lullabies evoking traditional Celtic memories

Old School - Retro Styling
A retro grab bag of 1960s and 1970s TV pop

Percussion - Action Sequence
A dramatic selection of rhythmic action tracks

Dance - Euro Dance
Strong and determined Euro dance for television action and chase scenes

Solo Instrument - Emotional Instrumentals
Gentle and emotional solo instrument and duet themes featuring piano, flute, cello and violin

Romantic - Heartfelt & Tender
Heartful romantic themes to underscore tender moments

Soft Rock - Light & Easy
A light and easy mix of softer rock styles

Latin Pop - Passionate & Carefree
Passionate, carefree, brooding and flirtatious Latin pop

Corporate - Motivating & Uplifting
Motivating and uplifting music for corporate success

Dance - Positive Spin
Putting a positive spin on hip hop and club dance

Rock-Hop - Aggressive & Urgent
Forceful, urgent and aggressive rock-hop

World Music - Celtic Traditions
A warm blend of lilting, poignant and courageous Celtic traditions

Production Elements - Working Parts
Working parts including sweeps, impacts, transitions, static and broken elements

Production Elements - Musical Elements
Musical production elements including bumpers, pads, pulsers, transitions & theme variations

Country - Easy Country
Easy acoustic country stylings

Jazz - Urban & Upbeat
A fusion of urban and upbeat jazz styles

Segues - More Bridges & Transitions
More musical transitions for television and film

Segues - Bridges & Transitions
Musical transitions for television and film

World Fusion - Dramatic Journey
A dramatic journey through Africa and the Americas

World Fusion - Out of Africa
Inspiring, rhythmic music out of Africa

Easy Listening - Soft & Relaxing
Soft and relaxing themes for laid back moments

Drama Film Scores - Dramatic Moments
Transitional dramatic moments for adventure, suspense and romance

Drama Film Scores - Solemn & Soaring
A dramatic mixture of solemn, soaring and sinister orchestrated themes

Drama Film Scores - Dramatic Atmospheres
A dramatic exploration of confidence, success, danger and the unknown

Drama Film Scores - Inspirational & Courageous
Atmospheres, fanfares & ceremonial movie music to inspire courage

Drama Film Scores - Serious & Reflective
Serious, reflective and stirring dramatic orchestrations

Drama Film Scores - Tragic & Sentimental
Dramatic themes for tragic and sentimental cinematic moments

Old School - Decades of Rock
A retrospective journey through several decades of rock

Sports - Game of the Week
Dynamic determined themes for sports and competition

Corporate - Hi-Energy & Hi-Tech
Hi-energy and hi-tech tracks for corporate and industrial applications

Corporate - Inspired by Success
Triumphant and inspirational orchestrated themes that celebrate success

Rock - Energetic & Emotional
A balance of rousing & energetic with heartfelt & emotional rock themes

Rock - TV Rock
Guitar rock for a youthful TV audience

Sports - The Overachievers
Competitive and determined sports, industry and technology themes for overachievers

Dance - Techno Soul
Club, chill and hip hop dance tracks with vocals for the urban techno soul

Easy Listening - Positive & Refreshing
Positive and refreshing TV music and easy listening themes

Electronica - Chill Out Zone
Electronica, sci fi, new age and ethereal tracks in the chill out zone

Rock - Current Culture
Alternative, technology and urban themes of the current culture

Western - Wide Open Range
A wide open range of western cinematic moods from playful to panoramic

Soft Rock - Acoustic & Effervescent
A collection of dappled, warm and effervescent soft rock featuring acoustic guitar

Solo Instrument - Drums & Bass
Rock, blues, jazz, Latin pop and country rhythms for drums & bass

Extreme Sports - High Speed
Aggressive high speed sports themes

Comedy / Cartoon - Over the Top
Eccentric & rambunctious chases, marches, romps & scampers

Dance - Complex & Liberated
A complex and liberated collection of house, jungle, trance, drum & bass and chill dance tracks

Latin Pop - Zesty & Flirtatious
A sometimes playful, sometimes soulful mix of zesty, flirtatious and expressive Latin pop

Solo Instrument - Dramatic Piano
Romantic, reflective and resounding dramatic themes for solo piano

Comedy / Cartoon - Offbeat Follies
Offbeat, quirky and animated comedy & cartoon themes

Retro Rock - Soulful & Sunny
Soulful and sunny retro rock from the 50s, 60s and 70s

Rock - Relentless Energy
Harsh and intense rock with relentless energy

Easy Listening - Soothing Guitar
Warm, intricate & soothing easy listening themes featuring acoustic guitar

Extreme Sports - Rugged & Vigorous
Rugged and vigorous extreme sports tracks

Light Jazz - Graceful & Flowing
Graceful and flowing light jazz for romance

Corporate - Victorious & Commanding
Victorious and commanding corporate and breaking news themes

Dance - Insistent & Impatient
Insistent and impatient techno, ambient, hip hop & garage dance music

Easy Listening - Reflective & Inclusive
Reflective and inclusive easy listening themes for lovers

Easy Listening - On the Move
A buoyant collection of easy listening themes for motion & movement

New Country - Rocking & Rolling
Rocking and rolling new country roadhouse tunes

Christmas - Santa Rocks
A joyous holiday jam session of new and classic Christmas themes

Corporate - Inspiring & Ceremonial
Inspiring and ceremonial orchestrated themes to celebrate success and determination

Rock - Straight Up & Kickin'
Straight up and kickin' vigorous guitar rock

Dance - Agile & Active
Exuberant, agile and active dance mixes in the techno groove

World Fusion - Hypnotic & Enticing
Hypnotic and enticing themes inspired by ancient spice routes

Period Jazz - Cocktail Lounge
Warm and intimate late night themes from the cocktail lounge

Country - Simpler Times
Return to simpler times with this selection of rural country themes

Hard Rock - Raw & Defiant
Raw & defiant hard rock tracks on the edge

New Country - Freewheeling
A bright and bouncy mix of freewheeling new country tunes

World Fusion - Contemporary Rhythms
A soaring fusion of contemporary rhythms from around the world

Easy Listening - Polished & Inviting
Slide gently into jazz with this polished and inviting easy listening CD

Rock - Tough & Untamed
Tough and untamed - this gutsy and driving collection really rocks

Dance - Fresh & Impulsive
An invigorating selection of fresh and impulsive techno dance

World Music - Intercontinental
An intercontinental musical tour

World Music - Exotic & Colourful
Exotic and colourful musical postcards from around the world

World Fusion - Asia & the Far East
Compelling, traditional and fusion arrangements from Asia and the Far East

World Music - Caribbean & Calypso
Warm, sunny and inviting Caribbean, calypso and reggae music

World Fusion - Africa & the Americas
An adventurous and scenic selection of world fusion from Africa & the Americas

American Classics - Folk & Popular
American historic, folk and popular classics

Solo Instrument - More Themes, Tags & Bridges
Another selection of solo instrument themes, tags and bridges

Solo Instrument - Themes, Tags & Bridges
A toolbox of practical solo instrument themes, tags and bridges

Solo Instrument - Duets & Solos
Presenting both duet and solo instrumentations for a selection of traditional instruments

Solo Instrument - Moods & Styles
A variety of solo instruments featured in a range of musical moods & styles

Solo Instrument - Piano Stylings
Solo piano stylings both graceful and elegant

Period Dance - Ballroom & Latin
Take to the floor with this suite of ballroom and Latin dance music

Period Dance - Film & Dance
Film and dance themes from the golden age of Hollywood

Percussion - Unique & Dynamic
Everyday sounds become unique and dynamic percussion

Military / Marches - Proud & Spirited
Proud and spirited marching bands, anthems and bugle calls

Military / Marches - Crisp & Heroic
Crisp and heroic themes for the patriot and the Olympian

Christmas - Traditional Carols
Traditional carols to celebrate the Christmas season

Classical - String Ensembles
Familiar and traditional classical compositions in string ensemble arrangements

Classical - String Quartets
Familiar and traditional classical compositions in string quartet arrangements

Children - Gentle Lullabies
A selection of gentle children's lullabies and music box tunes

Children - Exuberant & Carefree
An exuberant and carefree parade of songs for children

Comedy / Cartoon - Playful & Surprising
Playful, surprising and humorous cartoon themes and brass instrument tags

Comedy / Cartoon - Antic Slapstick
Antic, frantic and chaotic slapstick comedy


Comedy / Cartoon - Whimsical & Wacky
Whimsical and wacky comic tunes for clowns and other characters

Drama - Precise & Strategic
Powerful and strategic themes with military precision

Drama / Film Scores - Adventurous & Compelling
Adventurous and compelling dramatic orchestrations

Drama - Mystery & Tension
Dramatic themes with an atmosphere of mystery and tension

Western - Picturesque & Nostalgic
Picturesque and nostalgic western tunes for the campfire or saloon

Country - Down Home & Easy
Down home and easy country tunes

Country - Good Times & Hard Times
Country music for good times, fun times and hard times

Country - Warm & Easygoing
Warm and easygoing country and western tunes

Country - Lively & Fun
Lively, fun and upbeat country tunes

Jazz - Mixed Bag
A mixed bag of Dixieland, R & B, big band and funkadelic jazz

Jazz - Hip & Sassy
Hip and sassy jazz that hits all the right notes

Jazz - Cool & Steamy
Steam heat provided by cool jazz

Jazz - Seductive & Intimate
Seductive and intimate jazz for late nights

Jazz - Effortless & Refined
Effortless and refined jazz & swing in contemporary and 1940s styles

Rock - Free & Funky
A medley of free and funky rock themes and moods

Hard Rock - Bold & Brash
Hard driving rock that's bold and brash, with just a bit of the blues

Sports - Successful & Determined
Successful and determined view of the games people play

Corporate - Imposing Competition
Imposing competition in the boardroom and on the field

Easy Listening - Gentle & Tranquil
Gentle, tranquil and embracing music

Easy Listening - Evening Out
A selection of light, jazzy and flowing easy listening themes for an evening out

Easy Listening - Sparkling & Carefree
Light jazz for sparkling wine and carefree encounters

Easy Listening - Stylish & Smooth
Stylish and smooth light activity and light jazz themes

Extreme Sports - Flirt with Danger
Bold and daring extreme sports themes that flirt with danger

Rock - Shifting Gears
Contemporary rock in a variety of styles and tempos

Electronica - Strong & Pulsating
An eclectic mix of strong and pulsating electronica

Country - Upbeat & Rousing
Upbeat & rousing modern country tunes with a splash of dance & swing

Drama / Film Scores - Epic & Romantic
Epic, romantic and suspenseful orchestrated film scores

Swing - Bright & Bouncy
Bright, bouncy and nostalgic swing and dance music

Easy Listening - Sensitive & Expressive
Sensitive & expressive themes for the contemporary romantic drama

Dance - Energetic & Vibrant
Energetic and vibrant rave and techno dance

Rock - Hard Driving & Spirited
Hard driving and spirited guitar rock

Extreme Sports - Aggressive & Edgy
Aggressive, edgy & action packed themes for the modern day warrior

Easy Listening - Sensuous & Tender
Sensuous and tender romantic themes with a touch of light jazz

Dance - Solid & Intense
Solid and intense house and techno grooves

Drama - Dark & Powerful
Dark, dangerous and powerful dramatic orchestrations

Rhythm / Blues - Shameless & Smooth
Rhythm and blues that's shameless and smooth

Dance - Turbulent & Riveting
Turbulent techno and riveting rave

Sports - Proud & Motivated
Proud & motivated orchestrated themes to celebrate competition

Rock - Energized & Gutsy
Energized and gutsy American rock

Rhythm / Blues - Solid & Funky
Solid and funky rhythm and blues with soul

Dance - Compelling & Unrestrained
Compelling and unrestrained techno, house and trance

Latin Pop - Emphatic & Sultry
Emphatic, sultry, dynamic and fiery Latin pop

Extreme Sports - Daring & Rebellious
Daring and rebellious extreme sports to the max and back!

Easy Listening - Traveling Light
A gentle touch of travel, light jazz and romance

Dance - Percussive & Dynamic
A percussive and dynamic techno tour de force

Jazz - Spontaneous & Sophisticated
Spontaneous and sophisticated jazz combo tracks

Easy Listening - Positive & Uplifting
Positive and uplifting easy listening themes

Rock - Guitar Central
A rock CD with a wide range of guitar styles

Rock - Restless & Expressive
Restless and expressive rock tracks for the untamed spirit

Country - Stepping Out
Step out with this variety of country and western dance tunes

Jazz - Urban & Confident
Urban, confident jazz and rhythm & blues, with and without funk


Country - Toe Tapping & Carefree
Toe tapping, carefree & cheerful country tunes

Blues - Sleek & Stylish
Sleek and stylish electric guitar that sings the blues

Period Jazz - Lively & Mellow
Lively and mellow jazz, big band and Latin stylings


Easy Listening - Quiet Emotions
A variety of quiet emotions for easy listening featuring acoustic guitar

Drama / Film Scores - Stirring & Evocative
Stirring and evocative orchestral film scores


Drama - Intense & Suspenseful
Intense, suspenseful and dramatic orchestrations

Period Jazz - Catchy & Upbeat
Catchy and upbeat jazz, swing, big band and Dixieland arrangements

Hard Rock - Powerful & Muscular
Powerful, muscular and assertive guitar rock


Surf / Rock - 60s & 70s Styles
Surf and rock combo music evoking the 60s and 70s

Extreme Sports - Bold & Dynamic
Bold, dynamic and aggressive sports tracks


Corporate - Direct & Industrious
Direct & industrious orchestrated corporate themes


The Westar Classical Music Collection
Title and Description


Active & Bright
Strong, positive themes with an active and bright attitude


Energetic & Light
Proud, active music to keep the mood energetic and light


Lively & Dynamic
A lively and dynamic celebration of determination and pride


Bold & Adventurous
Bold overtures and resounding adventures


Noble & Dynamic
Facing danger in a noble and dramatic style


Gentle & Peaceful
Gentle elegance and romance in a peaceful setting


Effortless & Graceful
A cultured collection of effortless & graceful themes


Refined Romance
Dazzling waltzes for courtship and refined romances


Passion & Romance
Passion and romance in the ballroom and beyond


Ceremony & Melodrama
Solemn and reflective compositions for ceremony & melodrama


Serious & Sorrowful
Serious music to commemorate sorrowful times


Mournful & Melancholy
Bittersweet memories, mournful tributes and melancholy moods